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Game of chess - planning and strategy
By Kate / September 24, 2020

No Business Plan = No Business?

Many SMEs exist without a formal Business Plan in place, believing that they don’t need one unless they’re applying for finance or seeking investment. ​Certainly in the early days it...

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Exit Planning
Exit Planning, Leadership
By Kate / August 13, 2020

Exit This Way: What You’ll Need to Know About Exit Planning

Whether you’re retiring or selling to move on to your next challenge, rigorous exit planning is essential. If you’re looking to sell the business, you’ll want to achieve the best...

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Managing Cash Flow
Cash flow
By Kate / July 16, 2020

Keep it flowing – the importance of managing cash flow in your business

Any business can run into difficulties without consistent and effective systems in place for managing cash flow. Without cash, your business is in danger of failing - even if it’s...

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controls of an aeroplane_internal controls for finance director
Cash flow, Leadership, Strategy
By Kate / June 15, 2020

Taking Control of Business

How much control do you have over your finance systems and cashflow - really? You might think you’ve got a pretty tight grip on things, but if you haven’t put...

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Covid-19 Exit Planning for Business
Cash flow, Exit Planning, Strategy
By Kate / May 11, 2020

Covid-19 Exit Planning for Business

We work with a number of part time FDs who support local SMEs in a variety of industries.  One of our longest standing partnerships is with Myles Arnott who has...

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Part Time Finance Director
Leadership, Strategy
By Kate / April 28, 2020

How Can a Part Time Finance Director Help My Business?

At any time, the skills and experience of a talented Finance Director can deliver huge value to a small business, but never more so than during challenging times such as...

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By Kate / January 16, 2020

Benefits of Flexible Working

There’s been a rise in flexible working patterns over recent years and employees and employers often find a traditional 9-5 office-based role doesn’t suit businesses today. This is particularly pertinent...

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By Kate / October 4, 2019

How up to date is your industry knowledge?

Keeping up to date with regulations and legislation is essential for professionals working in the finance field. But with updates frequent from HMRC and other sources, how can you keep...

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By Kate / July 2, 2019

Should you risk DIY recruitment or use an expert recruitment agency?

  In a previous blog post, “Do you have the right soft skills?”, we talked about the importance of a candidate’s soft skills, such as teamwork, communication skills, conflict resolution,...

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By Kate / June 6, 2019

Do you have the right “soft” skills?

In a previous blog post, “Five ways to be a great employee”, we looked at what makes a great employee and outlined five factors that employers may consider when evaluating...

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