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Artemis Clarke - why your business isn't profitable
KPIs, Strategy
By Kate / April 19, 2021

Why Your Business isn’t as profitable as you think it should be

We often see businesses who are experiencing growth, but the cash flow is still tight, and the business owner can’t understand why - according to the profit and loss account...

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Artemis Clarke women led business photo of mug with Boss printed on it
By Kate / March 23, 2021

In celebration of being a women-led business

Did you know March is Women’s History month? A month in which we celebrate and encourage women’s contributions to history, culture, and society.  Artemis Clarke has always been a women-led...

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Artemis Clarke cat on green background | video interviews
By Kate / February 22, 2021

10 tips for stress-free video interviews

The way we conduct job interviews has changed due to Coronavirus, with in-person interviews being almost completely replaced by video interviews instead.  Although the technology to run video interviews and...

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By Kate / January 28, 2021

In-house vs outsourcing – which is really best for your business?

As the business grows, most business owners will need to decide if and when to start outsourcing, asking the question - “should I hire more staff to handle specific functions and tasks,...

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Santa sleeping_Artemis Clarke
By Kate / December 14, 2020

5 ways for busy growing business owners to relax at Christmas

How to relax at Christmas You may be reading this, thinking ‘but I already know how to relax at Christmas perfectly well, thank you”, and we’re certainly not trying to...

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Career, Guest Blog
By Kate / November 20, 2020

Supporting Yourself Through Redundancy

This month we're pleased to bring you a guest post which has been written for us by Michelle Carpenter-Hanson. Michelle is an entrepreneur and experienced HR consultant, so when we wanted...

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man looking at smartphone
Leadership, recruitment, Strategy
By Kate / November 4, 2020

Hiring the right people, for the right roles, at the right time

As the CEO or MD of a fast growing business, it can be very hard to realise that the people you hired in the early days, who have shown great...

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Game of chess - planning and strategy
By Kate / September 24, 2020

No Business Plan = No Business?

Many SMEs exist without a formal Business Plan in place, believing that they don’t need one unless they’re applying for finance or seeking investment. ​Certainly in the early days it...

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Exit Planning
Exit Planning, Leadership
By Kate / August 13, 2020

Exit This Way: What You’ll Need to Know About Exit Planning

Whether you’re retiring or selling to move on to your next challenge, rigorous exit planning is essential. If you’re looking to sell the business, you’ll want to achieve the best...

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Managing Cash Flow
Cash flow
By Kate / July 16, 2020

Keep it flowing – the importance of managing cash flow in your business

Any business can run into difficulties without consistent and effective systems in place for managing cash flow. Without cash, your business is in danger of failing - even if it’s...

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