Why Artemis Clarke

Financial resourcing by finance professionals

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We’re passionate about two things. Numbers and people. We like to work with clients who share our passion for a people-centred culture (the love of finance is optional!).

As accountants and finance people ourselves, we know what good looks like. We ask intelligent questions to diagnose your staffing needs, then use our Executive Search Process and our extensive Talent Database to produce a shortlist of excellent candidates that will match your needs exactly.

We believe our process is unique in the financial recruitment industry.

Consultative Approach

People are important. Having the right people in the right seats is fundamental to the success of your business. Our consultative approach will ensure that we find the right solution for your finance team. 

We’ll meet with your senior team (via MS Teams) to get an understanding of the current situation, your goals for the business, and how your current finance staffing situation is performing to meet these objectives. 

As a team of qualified accountants, our experience of running finance teams, combined with our recruitment expertise, means we are perfectly placed to support your finance team growth planning.  

We’ll recommend the best finance staffing solution for your business – whether that’s a full time Financial Controller, a part time FD, or anything in between.  Read more.

Talent Database

We invest time getting to know our candidates and understanding their career aspirations. The fact that we are accountants ourselves means we know what good looks like, and as a result our Talent Database is an enviable resource. Because we already know the right people, we can usually provide a short list of suitable candidates very quickly, so you can fill that role and get your finance department back on track fast.

Executive Search Process

If the right candidate isn’t already on our Talent Database, we’ll use our Executive Search Process to find them for you, whatever the hiring level. Often the very best candidates are not actively job seeking, so our Executive Search Process means you get first choice because we proactively go out and find them.

We don’t just collate CVs and pass them on to you. Our unique assessment process takes every candidate through 5 stages to road test their knowledge, experience and aspirations. This process ensures they have the technical competence for the role, and that it is aligned with their career aspirations. This means they are more likely to fit well within your business culture, succeed in their new job and stay for the long term.

The Artemis Clarke Guarantee

We understand that making a new hire can be daunting, even when you know the candidate has been through a rigorous assessment process. So to make it risk-free, we offer a 12-week guarantee period. If our candidate leaves during this time we’ll refund 90% of your fee or find a replacement free of charge.

Is your business really as profitable as you think?

As the MD or CEO of a growing business, you may be regularly reviewing your profit and loss (P&L) account but if you’re not a finance expert yourself it’s hard to spot mistakes or potential issues. 

Download our guide to discover the six simple questions to ask your finance team to quickly spot potential issues and find out if your business is really as profitable as you think it is.

What our clients say about us

“We worked with Kate at Artemis Clarke to find an FD for our growing tech startup. Not only did she help us find the ideal candidate, who suited us culturally as well as in terms of experience, she offered a great deal of support and input to help us understand exactly what we needed.”
“We engaged Artemis Clarke for a senior finance role and found their approach professional, focussed and responsive.  The final candidate shortlist was of a consistently high standard, all demonstrating a good technical fit for the role, giving us confidence to select on personal fit with the team. ”
“Kate seemed to genuinely want to help us as a company, rather than just place one of her candidates. Kate does take care to listen to what you want and match the candidates to what you’re looking for. And she definitely got it right! The FD we ended up working with is great. The process has been outstanding – absolutely outstanding. I’d award Artemis Clarke 11 out of 10.”

Get in touch to find out more about how our Finance Team Diagnostic Session can help to diagnose and solve your finance team challenges.