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We take a different approach to Financial Recruitment because we’re numbers people at heart. This means we recognise other great numbers people when we find them. And we can recommend the best people and structure for your finance team.  But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what our clients and candidates have to say about working us.  If you’re an employer with an immediate financial role to fill, or a team to develop, let’s talk. And if you’re a finance professional ready to find your next accountancy, tax or finance role, or you’d like to connect with potential future opportunities, please get in touch.

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Client recommendations

“The FD we’ve got has revolutionised our financial planning. Had we not had Myles on board, I think the pandemic would have been quite a different experience for us – he has helped a great deal. From the point of view of understanding where we are at with the company – he blows us away every time we interact with him. He gets us.   We’ve achieved amazing results with Myles’ help, he’s incredible. He works three days per month now and goes above and beyond in every possible way. He’s really impressive, and lovely to work with.   One of our main concerns was finding an FD that was a good cultural fit. Myles feels as though he’s part of the company. He’s fitted in incredibly quickly, he’s a perfect culture fit.” 
Financial Recruitment
Louise Dell
Managing Director
“It’s been great. I was looking for a recruiter who would understand the start-up market, how growing businesses work – someone who wouldn’t treat the process like a sausage machine! In a start-up, every head counts. Each team member has a vital role to play and so I needed someone who would take the trouble to think about it and compile a long list accordingly. Artemis Clarke delivered in spades.” 
Financial Recruitment
Christopher Tawney
“The Assessment Process, the speed of service, and the quality of the candidates that get put forward. It saves having to go through a whole load of CVs. With Artemis Clarke you get the CVs that are appropriate. One of the standout features of working with a specialist is that you tend to get a good quality set of candidates, and usually more than one good candidate that could do the job. This has happened both times I’ve worked with Artemis Clarke as a client. One of the things that appeals is their Assessment Process. It’s very good. The other thing is that you get a sense that there’s a real understanding of what’s required, not only in terms of the skills, but the type of person required. “
Financial Recruitment
Steve Potter
Finance Director
“Our detailed briefing was understood and underpinned the entire selection process. The screening and selection process effectively checked ability, approach and attitude rather than simply rely on the written CV. The final candidate shortlist was of a high standard; all demonstrated a good technical fit for the role, giving us confidence to select on personal fit with the team and with a view to both current and longer-term plans”
Financial Recruitment
Mark Perkins
Managing Director
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