A CFO Without Finance Skills

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Would Santa approve? This Chief Financial Officer knew nothing about the job! 

As we jingle into the festive season, it’s useful to remember the value of having good people around you. Just as Santa couldn’t manage without Rudolph, you and your business need more than any old reindeer to do the donkey work. 

A screenshot from Fesshole on Twitter with a red circle around the text to highlight how cheeky it is. The text reads: I sit on the board of a tech firm as their Chief Financial Officer. I earn a fortune. The truth is that I have no talent for finance whatever, and I need to look up the basics all the time. I've worked my way up by being far more extroverted than the average accountant.

Unlike this confession where there is something of a lack of the skills expected for a high-level finance professional! 

To rise through the ranks like that, this person probably has an excellent team around them who help cover up this unfortunate lack of knowledge! And while this post certainly left us chuckling (once we’d recovered from the audacity of the confession) it does highlight an important point: 

When it comes to finding your own Finance Director, or Chief Finance Officer, how can you ensure you’re recruiting the right candidate for the job? It’s not as if you can see into their minds to check on their accountancy knowledge in the same way that Santa can tell if all the children have been naughty or nice this year! 

Interviewing for CFO Skills

The interview stage is obviously an important opportunity to quiz your candidates – you can check our useful posts relating to questions to ask during interview – both technical skill and soft skill questions are featured.  

But if you don’t precisely know what FD or CFO skills you are looking for, how do you separate Rudolph from the rest of the herd? And ideally, you don’t want to waste time and money interviewing candidates that definitely wouldn’t make it onto the nice list! 

Instead, we recommend outsourcing the trickiest part of the recruitment process to us.

The part that you aren’t an expert at! 

We are talking about our process for assessing candidates based on their skill set and experience, so you don’t end up accidentally recruiting a CFO with no finance skills!  

So, if you’re in the (Christmas) market for a new FD, don’t take a lucky dip approach to finding your new finance expert. Enjoy the peace of mind that our Candidate Assessment Service brings by ensuring that your candidates do have the skills you need. 

Get in touch to find out more about our 5-Step Candidate Assessment Process.

While you might not find the perfect candidate before the New Year, with our help, every day of 2024 will feel like Christmas!