Week 332 (2nd February 2024)

Sophie and Millie are taking part in a charity run.  

They have been training together for the past few weeks and want to cross the finish line together.  

The race is a total of 10 miles long.  

Sophie sets off at 7:30am and runs at a constant speed of 5mph. 

If Millie runs at a constant speed of 10mph, what time should she set off to ensure they finish together? 


Speed = distance/time           time = distance/speed  

First, we can find out how long each of them will take to complete the race.   

Sophie: time = 10miles/5mph = 2hrs  

Millie: time = 10miles/10mph = 1hr  

Therefore, Millie should leave at 8.30am  

Answer: 8.30am