Week 262 (26th August 2022)

Max rents out his second property during the summer holidays. 

 After his guests left last week, it took 5 cleaners 4 1/2 hours to clean all the rooms in the property.  

 This week, there are only 3 cleaners available to clean the property.  

 Each cleaner is paid £8.20 for each hour or part of an hour they work. 

 How much will each cleaner be paid this week (assuming they work at the same rate as last week)? 


 Total number of hours to clean the property = 4.5 x 5 = 22.5 hrs 

This week, each cleaner will work 22.5/3 = 7.5 hrs 

 As they get paid for part of an hour, we round up to 8 hrs. 

 So each cleaner will get paid 8 x 8.20 = £65.60