Week 321 (3rd November 2023)

Jenny has bought a small box of fireworks for her children to enjoy on bonfire night.  

There are eleven fireworks in the box.   

Six of the fireworks are pink. 

Four of the fireworks are green and the remaining firework in the box is yellow.   

In the dark Jenny selects two fireworks at random.  

Calculate the probability that the first firework selected is yellow and the second is pink. 


So, there are 6 pink, 4 green and therefore 1 yellow if the total number of fireworks add to 11.  

The probability of the first pick being yellow is 1/11, because there is 1 yellow out of a total of 11. The probability of the second pick being pink is 6/10, because there are 6 pink out of a total of 10 now the first yellow firework has been removed.  

To find the probability overall of the 2 picks we can multiply the individual probabilities together…    1/11 x 6/10 = 6/110 

And to put the probability in its simplest form we can divide the fraction by 2: 3/55