New Year, new career?

photo-1436891678271-9c672565d8f6As other people are making New Year Resolutions about how they will hit the gym or lose two stone, you have decided that your career is going to take centre stage. But how? Technology has moved on at a frightening pace in recent years – LinkedIn, Glassdoor and company careers pages all provide an easy way of accessing your next job. This assumes that you know what you want to do, have a good understanding of the local jobs market and are confident in presenting yourself and your skills in the right way. If this isn’t the case then perhaps the seemingly old fashioned approach of speaking with a specialist recruitment consultant is still your best option. Here’s why…


A talk with your recruitment consultant will ensure that all your key skills are identified and highlighted on your CV. These may well be skills that you didn’t even know you had, but which will demonstrate to employers that you are ready for the next step.


A specialist consultant will not only have a good understanding of the local job market, including roles which may not have been advertised, but they will also understand the importance of matching the culture of the organisation. Therefore they will take time to get to know and understand both you and the potential employer.


Not many of us relish the thought of being interviewed. However practice makes perfect and a good consultant will ensure that you are fully prepared by coaching you in advance of the big day.


You’ve aced your interview and been offered the job. How do you make sure you get the best package possible? Your consultant will work with you to ensure that you receive a fair package for the role.

Many New Year Resolutions fall by the wayside. Don’t let your career be one!


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