What to look for in a new employer – 10 things to consider

Burgess Salmon PwCWhen we are starting to look for a new role what are the main factors to be considered? Obviously the role itself is a key factor – does it provide the right balance of challenge, salary and future prospects? However, even if the role itself looks to be perfect we shouldn’t underestimate how important it is that the future employer is correct for us as well. But how do we know whether an employer is right for us? Some things to consider are:

  1. Growth – is the employer likely to expand or contract in the future? Often expanding companies can be exciting places to work as they are constantly providing new opportunities and challenges.
  2. Reputation – social media can provide a great source of reviews of employers, although beware that there are always at least 2 sides to any story! Connecting with existing employees on platforms such as LinkedIn, and reviewing sites like Glassdoor can provide valuable insights into life with an employer.
  3. Values – does the employer’s values match your own personal beliefs and ethics?
  4. Industry – there is less chance of a happy ending when applying for a fantastic role in a company that operates in an industry that does not interest or excite you.
  5. Location and travel – does the location fit with your lifestyle and, if not, are you prepared for the necessary adjustments that will be needed to your commute etc?
  6. Training and development – is the employer able to demonstrate a commitment to developing their staff?
  7. Flexibility – is flexible working important to you, and does the employer offer it?
  8. Package – in addition to the typical components of the package such as pensions, bonus, car, share schemes etc does the employer provide any flexible benefits? This may include the ability to purchase additional holidays, obtain preferential rates on vehicle leasing etc.
  9. Future prospects – the role may be ideal for now but you need to be aware of what the future may hold, or whether you could be looking for a new employer earlier than you had hoped for.
  10. – is the office open plan or is it a very traditional set up? This may be difficult to assess before interview, but you may be able to get a feel from the website or talking to current or former employees.

Everyone will have different views on the importance of the above factors when deciding on a job move. However not considering them at all will significantly reduce the chances of any move being successful!


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