Week 345 (17th May 2024)

Simon runs an SME and is looking for a bigger office space. 

On a scale drawing, a building he is considering has a length of 12.4cm and a width 9.4cm.   

The real length of the building is 62 metres.   

Work out in metres the real width of the building.   


Since it’s a scale drawing we can set out the distances we know in ratios of length : width.  

12.4 : 9.4   62 : ? 

To workout the missing width we can determine the multiplier used between the ratios by doing 62/12.4 which is 5. That means the drawing is done at a scale of 5 times smaller.  

We can use the same principle to find the actual width by multiplying the scaled width by 5.  

9.4 x 5 = 47 metres