Week 334 (16th February 2024)

Sam is planning a trip to the aquarium with her children as a half term treat. She has a budget of £200 to spend over half term.  

Sam is classed as an adult and her children Rosie and Florence are classed as children.   

Sam plans out the trip and the costs are as follows: 

Total cost of petrol £23.00.  

Tickets for the aquarium £33.00 per adult and £24.50 per child. 

Lunch time meals are £15.00 per adult and £10.00 per child. 

After Sam has paid all the costs how much money will she have left? 


We can start by adding all of Sam’s expenses up:  

£23 for petrol, £33 for one adult ticket, £49 for two child’s tickets, £15 for an adult meal and £20 for two children’s meals.  

23 + 33 + 49 + 15 + 20 = £140 spent 

To find out how much Sam has left we can subtract £140 from £200 which is £60.