Week 333 (9th February 2024)

Anna is a florist and is getting ready for Valentine’s Day.  

She is trying to decide how many flowers to order for next week.  

The most popular flowers over the past few weeks have been roses, lilies, and tulips.  

If the sales for yesterday were represented in a pie chart, the tulip sales would take up one-fifth of the chart.  

The rest of the chart would be split equally between roses and lilies. 

 If the shop sold 80 tulips yesterday, how many lilies were sold? 


Tulips take up 1/5 of sales. The remaining proportion is 4/5. To split this equally, roses and lilies must have a 2/5 proportion of sales.

If 1/5 of sales is 80 flowers, then 2/5 is 160 flowers. Therefore 160 lilies were sold.

Answer: 160