Week 324 (24th November 2023)

Maria is travelling back to New York to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with her family. 

To entertain herself on the plane Maria has ordered a maths puzzle book.  

While waiting for her plane to depart Maria starts looking at some of the maths challenges.  

She completes a few of the questions but then gets stuck on the following question: 

The mean, median, and mode of the given set of numbers are all equal. What is the value of Y?  

3, 2, Y, 3, 3  

Help Maria answer the question. 


The mode = 3 (most common number)  

The median = 3 (the middle number when the numbers are ordered from smallest to largest) 

We can find an expression for the mean…

(3+2+Y+3+3)/5 = 3, since the mean, mode and median are all equal.  

Now we can solve to find Y… 


(Y+11) = 15

Y = 4