Week 313 (8th September 2023)

Adam is enjoying the nice weather and is having a few drinks in the garden with his partner. 

Adam has stopped on his way home from work and bought a small crate of beers.  

The mass of the empty crate is 720g, correct to the nearest 10g.  

The crate holds 4 bottles.  

Each full bottle weighs 310g, correct to the nearest 10g. 

Calculate the minimum mass of the crate containing 4 full bottles. 


The minimum mass the empty crate could weigh that rounds to 720g to the nearest 10g is 715g.

The minimum mass each bottle could weigh that rounds to 310g to the nearest 10g is 305g.  

If we add the minimum values together, we get the minimum total value of a full crate.  

4 bottles: 4 x 305 = 1220g 

1 crate: 715g 

Total mass = 1220 + 715 = 1935g