Week 312 (1st September 2023)

Jamie has organised a last minute camping trip with his friends before they go back to school next week.  

Jamie buys packs of sausages and packs of burgers for the trip in the ratio 3 : 4.  

The cost of a pack of sausages is 75% of the cost of a pack of burgers. 

Jamie buys 16 packs of burgers. 

Each pack of burgers costs £x.  

He spends £125.00 in total.  

How much does Jamie pay for each pack of sausages? 


Ratio of sausages to burgers = 3 : 4 

So, if there are 16 packs of burgers there will be 12 packs of sausages.  

If we let x = burger price, then 0.75x = sausage price. 

Total price of food = 16x + 12(0.75x) 

125 = 16x + 9x 

125 = 25x 

Price of 1 pack of burgers = £5 

0.75x is the price of a pack of sausages.  

So, the price of a pack of sausages is 0.75 x 5 = £3.75