Week 310 (18 August 2023)

Lucy enjoys cooking and likes to make time to make home cooked meals from scratch.  

Lucy has bought a full bottle containing 1 litre of olive oil which has a mass of 1270g.  

400ml of the olive oil is used.  

The bottle with the remaining olive oil has a mass of 900g.  

Calculate the mass of the empty bottle. 


1270 – 900 = 370g 

This means 400ml of oil has a mass of 370g.  

400ml : 370g  

Divide both sides by 400 to find the mass of 1ml of oil.  

1ml : 0.925g 

Multiply both sides by 1000 to find the mass of 1000ml (1 litre) of oil.  

1000ml of oil has a mass of 925g.  

1270 – 925 = 345g