Week 287 (3rd March 2023)

Hugh commutes to his office three times a week. He is a careful driver and always adheres to the speed limits.  

Hugh has noticed that the speed limit on one of the main roads that he uses has decreased from 70mph to 50mph.  

The road with the change in speed limit is 7.3 miles long.   

How much longer does it take Hugh to travel along the road at 50mph than at 70mph?  

Please give your answer in minutes. 


D = S x T  

Time taken at 70 mph = 7.3/70 = 0.1043 hrs = 6.26 mins 

Time taken at 50 mph =  7.3/50 = 0.146 = 8.76 mins 

So increase in time = 8.76 – 6.26 = 2.5 mins