Week 343 (3rd May 2024)

The swimming pool at the leisure centre has been closed for the past few weeks for maintenance and repair.  

The pool is now repaired and is being re-filled. 

The water flows through each of the pipes that fill the pool at the same rate. 

It takes 4 of the pipes 12 hours to fill the pool.  

Work out how many hours it would take 6 pipes to fill 1/4 of the pool. 


To start with we can find out how long it would take to fill the lake if there was only 1 pipe by doing:

12 x 4 = 48 hours

Then, we can work out how long it takes with 6 pipes by dividing the time it takes with 1 pipe by 6:

48/6 = 8 hours

But since the question only asks for the time to fill ¼ of the lake we can conclude it takes 2 hours with 6 pipes.