Financial Recruitment in Reading

Business in Reading & The Surrounding Area

As a business owner based in Reading, you will already know that the city is a great location for those looking to expand their business. The easy access to a high achieving pool of talent in Reading gives any business a natural advantage when it comes to scaling. You know that the right people are out there, but where do you begin when it comes to financial recruitment in Reading?

Whether you are looking for a Finance Director, a Head of Finance or even need to consider the future format of your finance team, Artemis Clarke can help.

While Reading is probably most famous for its yearly festival, its location with easy commuting and transport links along the M4 corridor ensures that Reading is a desirable location for many professional people.

Thanks to the early establishment of International Computers Limited and Digital Equipment Corporation within the town, Reading has a long history of significant involvement in the development of the IT sector. Although both of these businesses have since been absorbed by larger organisations, their respective offspring, Fujitsu and Hewlett-Packard still have local operations and continue to attract many other high-tec businesses and talented people to Reading.

With a university winning awards in STEM subjects – including 2022’s Best Science Project award from the Times Higher Education awards*, Reading is continuing to develop as a hub of ideas and creativity, with many start-ups and SMEs choosing to begin their journey and grow within the community.

*THE STEM project award – University of Reading

How Artemis Clarke can help

With our network of fully vetted, experienced Finance Directors we can usually source a part-time or interim FD or CFO within a tight timeframe if the need is urgent. If you are a growing business looking to recruit your first in-house Head of Finance or Finance Director, then we use our Executive Search Process to source the perfect candidate.

FDs can be recruited on a full or part-time basis; if you are a business with a turnover of less than £20m we recommend considering the part-time FD option first. If you already have a competent finance team in place, a PTFD can provide all the benefits of an expert full-time FD at a fraction of the cost. You can choose whether you recruit them in-house on a salary or via Artemis Clarke on a day rate.

You may need a part-time FD to oversee a specific project, to put in place some systems and controls, or to build or mentor an effective finance team within your business. They may stay with you for months or even years, delivering high level strategic oversight to help your business scale and meet its growth objectives. Over time they could also become your in-house full-time Finance Director as your business grows and your requirements for their expertise increases.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you find the perfect senior finance professional for your Reading business.