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In celebration of being a women-led business

Artemis Clarke women led business photo of mug with Boss printed on it Did you know March is Women’s History month? A month in which we celebrate and encourage women’s contributions to history, culture, and society.  Artemis Clarke has always been a women-led business [...]

In-house vs outsourcing – which is really best for your business?

Outsourcing As the business grows, most business owners will need to decide if and when to start outsourcing, asking the question - “should I hire more staff to handle specific functions and tasks, or would it [...]

5 ways for busy growing business owners to relax at Christmas

Santa sleeping_Artemis Clarke How to relax at Christmas You may be reading this, thinking ‘but I already know how to relax at Christmas perfectly well, thank you”, and we’re certainly not trying to imply that you don’t. But, [...]

No Business Plan = No Business?

Game of chess - planning and strategy Many SMEs exist without a formal Business Plan in place, believing that they don’t need one unless they’re applying for finance or seeking investment. ​Certainly in the early days it is easy to get away [...]

Keep it flowing – the importance of managing cash flow in your business

Managing Cash Flow Any business can run into difficulties without consistent and effective systems in place for managing cash flow. Without cash, your business is in danger of failing - even if it’s profitable, growing fast, [...]

How Can a Part Time Finance Director Help My Business?

Part Time Finance Director At any time, the skills and experience of a talented Finance Director can deliver huge value to a small business, but never more so than during challenging times such as the Covid-19 crisis. Hiring an [...]

What’s your leadership style?

There are so many different theories about leadership that it can be overwhelming to know where to even begin. A quick Google search reveals that there are three main styles of leadership, or maybe that should [...]

What The Apprentice teaches us about teamwork

It’s that time of the year again when we sit down to watch The Apprentice and marvel at how dysfunctional a team of ‘business people’ can really be. Whether or not you’re a fan, you’ll no doubt [...]

Dead ringers – why it’s a bad idea to hire your own doppelganger  

When you’re recruiting, it’s tempting to hire someone similar to yourself.  Most of us feel comfortable dealing with people like us, who share the same perspective and approach as [...]

Feeling the feedback

Nobody likes rejection. However, it is a harsh reality that any jobseeker has to come to terms with. As a recruiter, the trick is to deliver this rejection in a positive way that not only enhances the [...]