Financial recruitment consultancy

Managed by people who understand finance

Are you unsure about your financial staffing needs? Or just struggling to find the right person for the job?

Find out more about our Finance Team Diagnostic Session.

Financial recruitment… plus staffing advice from financial experts

All financial recruitment agencies say they’re different from the rest. So, what makes Artemis Clarke unique?

We’re experienced Chartered Accountants. We ask intelligent questions to diagnose your staffing needs, then mine our extensive database for a choice of excellent candidates that others simply can’t reach. 

We’re numbers people. The most valuable candidates come to us because we have first-hand experience of how the industry works.

There are five things about our business that make us unique, and put us ahead of the pack.

A meeting to diagnose your financial staffing situation. You’ll get expert advice on fixing any problems, plus a hiring roadmap that makes future decision-making more straightforward.

For every staff level, and without the executive search price tag. The best people aren’t necessarily job hunting. You get first choice because we proactively go out and find them.

An enviable resource, continually refreshed with a steady stream of the most talented candidates. We take time to understand their strengths. When a skills gap needs filling fast, you’ll quickly receive a shortlist of the best in the business.

A uniquely robust evaluation process. Using our knowledge as Chartered Accountants, we evaluate every candidate to ensure they meet the technical requirements for the role and will fit right in with your company culture.

We know hiring is high stakes for you, so we’ve removed the risk. If a candidate leaves within 12 weeks, we’ll refund 90% of our fee or find a replacement free of charge. Incidentally, we’ve never had to do either of these things.

Is your business really as profitable as you think?

As the MD or CEO of a growing business, you may be regularly reviewing your profit and loss (P&L) account but if you’re not a finance expert yourself it’s hard to spot mistakes or potential issues. 

Download our guide to discover the six simple questions to ask your finance team to quickly spot any errors or issues and find out if your business is really as profitable as you think it is.

“The careful approach to recruitment was exactly what we had been looking for. The quality of candidate CVs arriving emphasised Kate’s very clear understanding of our brief. Kate already knew which ones would be most likely to fit with our existing team, reducing time wasted at interview stage.”
Gary Horswell
MD at Ntegrity Insurance